Government legislation, statutory instrument 350 permits people to travel to see a chiropractor. After closing for a length of time due to the initial lockdown, we are now open for face-to-face consultations.

If you require hands on chiropractic care, please know we are here to help and are taking every precaution.

We will continue to adhere to scrupulous cross infection control. Your chiropractor will be wearing PPE recommended by Public Health England. This will include face masks, eye protection, single use aprons and gloves for every patient. 

We're really looking forward to providing high quality chiropractic care - we want to make the whole experience as similar to before as we could whilst obviously being as safe for you as we can in the current climate. 

When you come to your appointment please follow the guidelines below.

1. We ask you to follow government guidelines and only attend if you feel well and have no covid-19 symptoms within 14 days (new cough, fever, change in taste) and have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms. Symptoms include a new cough, high fever and/or loss or change of smell and taste. If you are unsure if you have symptoms you can check here

2. Please read all the information in your email as this includes information on screening, risk assessment and details clinic procedures. Please fill out any information required in the email before your appointment.

When you arrive to your appointment, please leave as much of your belongings in your car as you can i.e. bags, coats, jewellery etc.

3. On arrival, please check in and wait outside using your mobile phone. Your DATE OF BIRTH is your check-in number. 

The link to check in will be in your appointment reminder email and sms. There is also a QR code on the door outside which will take you to the check in page if easier.

4. Once you check in, we know you are waiting outside. We will get the room and ourselves ready and then call you on your mobile to let you know to come in. This will be from a number starting with 015.

Once you get the call, come to the door and buzz the intercom, please stand in front of the intercom so we can see you and let you in. The intercom beeps when you push the buzzer (ringing us), when it stops beeping it means we have seen you and unlocked the door for entry.

Please bear with us as the sanitising of the room and changing our PPE can take some time - we will get you from reception when the room is ready. 

If you are struggling to check-in on your phone please press the buzzer and stand in front of the camera (intercom) and we will tell you to either wait in reception or to wait outside (depending on who is in reception).

5. Please put your face mask on outside. Stand in front of the intercom so we can see you have a mask on before you enter. The mask is required to be kept on during your time at clinic. The mask should cover your nose and face. If you do not have a covering you will be given a face mask outside to put on before entry (at cost price to us which will be around £1). Please try to bring your own mask/covering where possible as we will have limited stock.

6. Once you enter, please fill out the covid-19 screening, symptoms and risk form on the table in reception. Please use the hand sanitiser here after you do this. Please wait in reception, you will be collected from here.

If you are a new patient, please fill out a new patient form in reception. We advise you bring a completed new patient form with you from the comfort of your home ready for your appointment (link for this will be in your confirmation email).

7. Please ask any questions you have at the start or during your appointment. Once you have been adjusted and have booked any follow up appointments, please leave the room to allow the chiropractor time to safely sanitise the room and change their PPE (ready to help the next patient). We are always available for you if you think of something later and need further advice, please call us if you do. Before you leave please use the sanitiser available in the room you are in (on the desk).

8. To minimise the risk of cross infection please use your own toilet before you come.

9. Please pay on card, not cash, for your appointment. This will be contactless via our secure system.

• The number of people in the clinic at one time will be limited. The aim is the only person in clinic you will come in direct contact with will be your chiropractor, who will be in the recommended PPE thus minimising your risk.

• Internal doors will be left open so please limit touching anything where possible. Please catch any coughs or sneeze in a tissue or your arm. The digital check-in in the reception will be turned off for now. Internal door handles and the exit switch will also be sanitised regularly.

• Only one patient per appointment will be allowed into clinic – so please do not bring anyone else to your appointment.

• Please try to wear loose appropriate clothing where possible. We will not be providing gowns due to infection control. You can also can also bring your own towel to lie on if you wish (not necessary as the bench will be sanitised for each patient).

*The bench, and all contact points in the adjustment rooms will be carefully sanitised between each patient. 

*Your chiropractor will have two well-ventilated, sanitised rooms available for use. The rooms layout has been changed to best cope with the current situation.

Do not attend the clinic if you have any of the following symptoms:

Symptomatic patients; cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss or change of smell and/or taste.

Those advised to self-isolate

Anybody with known respiratory illness

Pregnant women

People over the age of 70

If you have been around anyone with a cough and high fever over the last 14 days do not attend the clinic as you should be self-isolating.

By attending the clinic it is taken that you understand all of the above and agree. If you are in a vulnerable group as classed by the government you should be shielding and the clinic advises you to stay at home. If you insist on booking an appointment you are doing so at your own risk.