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Becoming a Chiropractor

Our chiropractors have completed an accredited 4 year full-time degree in chiropractic to Masters level. Subsequently they completed a pre-registration training scheme (PRTS) year in chiropractic. Chiropractors internationally have the title "doctor of chiropractic". Our chiropractors maintain their registration by attending annual continual professional development (CPD) courses and many seminars and lectures throughout the UK to update and develop their chiropractic knowledge.

We are active members of the United Chiropractic Association, and regularly meet with chiropractors that inspire and excite us about the profession.

In the UK Chiropractors, Dentists, Medical doctors (GPs) & Vets can all use the courtesy title "Dr", however each profession has completed their unique degree and has their own area of expertise. The title Dr in these pages refers to a doctor of chiropractic, this is different to a medical doctor such as a GP. We do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery!

From our Chiropractors

We look forward to meeting you and doing all we can to help you on your journey to recovery. We are continually learning, training, practicing and discussing cases to become better at what we do so we can serve you, our patients and communities, to the best of our ability.

Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr Amit Raju

DC, MChiro, Bsc(hons)

Director/ Doctor of chiropractic

Towards the end of his degree in human biology, Dr Raju decided he wanted a career in healthcare. He went on to study for his chiropractic degree from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of South Wales. After graduation Dr Raju trained under a chiropractor with 30 years experience in North Lincolnshire, this was a great place to learn as there were also several other experienced chiropractors there. 

I feel patients should be relaxed and comfortable with their chiropractor, and I adopt a very precise and professional manner in my treatment and care. I have a genuine interest in your health and getting you better and look forward to helping you reach your goals through chiropractic care. Becoming a chiropractor was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Loving your work, and being part of a profession which allows you to help people so effectively is extremely rewarding. Seeing the positive changes in peoples lives makes my passion for chiropractic grow daily. If you come to our practice we will do everything we can as chiropractors to help you. Through the effectiveness of Chiropractic, being so precise, without the need for any drugs or surgery the results speak for themselves. Through chiropractic adjustments you allow yourself the ability and time to heal on your own. 

Dr Dimple Bhatia

DC, MChiro, BA(hons) 

Director/ Doctor of chiropractic

After her first degree in marketing and HR, a brief marketing career, Dr Bhatia realised this is not where her heart lay. She then went on to study for her Chiropractic degree and graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of South Wales. After graduation, Dr Bhatia trained under a skilled chiropractor with 35 years experience in Northampton. She has also worked in busy clinics in Walsall, Ilkley, Leeds city centre and Shipley.

I have always seen myself as a very caring, empathetic and practical individual and chiropractic goes hand in hand with these qualities. I'm very friendly and approachable and its important to me that my patients are always at ease in my company. I look forward to meeting you and looking after you and your needs through chiropractic care. Having worked in various professions, discovering Chiropractic was the best decision I have made, career wise.  With Chiropractic, you are using your senses in a very pragmatic way to heal individuals through use of knowledge, expertise and tactile abilities. I have worked in many different clinics and seen an abundance of ailments through my care of many patients over the years. I look forward to work each day as it brings a new challenge for me.