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Please note: A Chiropractic degree is full time and lasts for 4 to 5 years at University. After this degree Chiropractors must complete one year post graduation upon which they are awarded the title "Doctor of Chiropractic". The title Dr in these pages refers to the Doctor of Chiropractic (unless otherwise stated), this is different to a medical doctor such as a GP.  Chiropractors do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery, Chiropractic care is completely natural and non-invasive.

In the UK the courtesy title Dr is used by several professionals.  Chiropractors, Dentists, Medical doctors (GPs) & Vets are all entitled to use the courtesy title "Dr", however each profession has completed their own, unique degree and has their area of expertise.

One of our patients has put together a video below detailing living with a chronic condition, he came to us at over 50 years old and discusses the benefits and how we were able to help him with chiropractic. He discusses chiropractic from 11 minutes on:

Mr J. Wallhead

NHS Vascular Sonographer

 I can highly recommend Chiropractors as an effective source of treatment and prevention. After sustaining a debilitating back injury (bending over to pick up a dog chew), I sought treatment from my GP who prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. With no improvement, I visited the Chiropractic clinic and was assessed by Chiropractor, Dr Amit Raju. After a relatively short course of care, I am now able to return to work, walk for miles and actually feel the most relaxed and stress free for a long time. Not only has the pain in my back all but gone, the numbness in the leg and headaches have subsided and not returned for many weeks now!
Great work!
Dr Michelle Wilson


I have had intermittent problems with back pain as a result of my occupation and a previous car accident but have been able to address episodes by paying more attention to my posture. Last year, however, I experienced considerable pain and restriction of movement which failed to resolve so I sought treatment for it at my local chiropractor clinic.  Dr Raju took great care to assess me and devise a series of visits for adjustments in conjunction with exercises specific to my needs.  As a result I am now pain free and more comfortable than I have been in a long time and I owe it all to the skill and professional treatment I have received under the care of Dr Raju.  I have no reservations in recommending anyone with musculoskeletal problems to seek treatment and care from him.
Wasim Hussain

NHS Heamatologist

Due to my nature of work I remain seated for long periods and I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain for a number of years. I contacted Cleckheaton Chiropractic Clinic and I booked a consultation to discuss my ongoing trouble and they performed an examination to determine the cause of my pain and a plan of action to initially lessen the pain and improve movement in my spine and neck. I was told that after the initial intense sessions a course of daily exercises specifically designed for my issues would be given in order to strengthen the muscles and retain the movement in my spine and neck.

After the first few sessions I began to notice that the bad days of pain were occurring less and less and the exercises were helping me to go between appointments without having issues like before. The sessions then began to spread out to once a fortnight to once a month and the difference was very apparent, hardly any pain was felt between these appointments and it gave me a new lease of life and encouraged me to become more active and I haven’t looked back.

I found Dr Amit Raju to be extremely professional at all times and he made everything very clear from beginning to end. I will be recommending Cleckheaton Chiropractic Clinic to my friends and family as I was very happy with the treatment I received.
Dr V K Shukla


Just a brief e-mail to express a few words of appreciation
 As you are aware following the initial consultation we embarked on a short course of treatments to alleviate the chronic low grade sciatica I suffer with and the associated mobility difficulties. I found that you were able to diagnose the problems thoroughly and methodically
The treatment sessions were effective and beneficially and completely relevant to the disorder
The exercise routine you gave clearly had a significant and positive effect on the back problems I have (although I found it difficult to carry out the full routine because of time restraints! )
Communication and contacting your team is very good, particularly the response time.
You show an impeccable manner, polite, courteous and along with maintaining absolute confidentiality of other patients , and clearly a very good knowledge base of the subject of chiropractor
I would not hesitate to recommend your chiropractor services to other patients
Speak to you again
Chris Dale

Chris Dale management LTD

My partner went to see Chiropractor, Dr. Raju for a severe neck and shoulder pain as both the hospital (with an xray) and the GPs thought it was just muscular pain. Dr. Raju correctly diagnosed a slipped disc which required an MRI scan to confirm followed by surgery as it was very severe and she ended up with a major operation. His diagnosis was so accurate that both the GPs and the hospital doctors did not pick it up. Based on this I went to see him myself.
I have been suffering from a chronic pain in my right knee, and then twisted it getting into a cab in Edinburgh. I went to see Dr. A Raju and he diagnosed me, and started a course of treatment. Following several lifestyle questions he discovered many contributing factors to my condition. Such as for over 30 years I have carried my wallet in my back right hand pocket, and over the years this has gradually displaced my hips, that then had an impact on my stance and my leg movement; which in turn caused the knee pain. So when I made that move to get into the cab in Edinburgh it just was the final straw.
 Now over a period of 5 months – he has corrected my hips and legs more or less back to normal and all the pain has gone in my knee to the extent that I am back cycling, walking and swimming normally. The final element was an element of acupuncture that helped remove the lasting stage of pain from my knee as in slowly mended itself.
Oh and...I never carry my wallet in my back pocket again!
Full marks to Dr. Raju – who has the experience and talent as a chiropractitioner to be able to find out and correct this disabling aliment.
Yours Truly
Roy Blakemore

IT consultant

In October 2012 I was involved in a car accident and received severe whiplash injuries. Over the next few days, my neck became tighter and very sore with a headache that never went away. I started getting quite irritable and actually depressed. I was fatigued and miserable. Up to that point in my life, I had never felt as bad and this went on for the next 7 months. Every day I was suffering from a chronic headache and neck pain.
My GP sent me for x-rays and gave me pain-killers and muscle relaxants, I also went for physiotherapy therapy treatment. The medications took the edge off the pain but made me feel groggy. The physiotherapy therapy provided minimal relief that only lasted a few hours. After many visits to my GP, I was referred to different specialists – opticians, neurologist, multiple skeletal unit and other medical specialists, yet nobody could offer a solution.
Passing a poster for Cleckheaton Chiropractic Clinic, I noticed it mentioned Whiplash and Associated Disorders. I decided I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. At my first appointment he did a thorough examination, told me exactly what was going on and booked me for my first treatment. For the first time in months, I felt that there was hope.
Within only a few sessions, I was feeling much better. The headaches were diminished, neck pain had eased and I was much less reliant on pain-killers. My only regret, why didn’t I go to Chiropractic first?
Very Satisfied Customer