X-ray facilities on site

The clinic has invested in the latest (DR) digital x-ray facilities for our patients. This is to help us assess and diagnose the underlying causes of your symptoms when needed. For the most part, chiropractors rely on clinical examination, specific tests and palpation skills to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. However, there may be a situation where x-ray is required.

X-ray imaging can be used to investigate areas of the body for reasons including:

  • Trauma injuries – any suspected broken or fractured bones, swelling or dislocations that may need to be confirmed before any treatment can begin.
  • Scoliosis – Undiagnosed scoliosis will need to be confirmed by x-ray to find out the full extent of any structural changes.
  • Degeneration – if your chiropractor suspects you have some degeneration such as arthritis this can be confirmed through x-ray imaging.
  • Infections – any serious infections which could be causing damage can usually be picked up on x-ray

£75 per region (either neck, middle back or lower back)
(We are also able to offer extremity images for hips, shoulders, knees etc.)